Heather, a Talkback Member has written down her reflective thoughts on what kindness means. This is a reminder of what we do at Talkback and how we can bring positivity into people’s lives even throughout dark times. Please enjoy a bit of sunshine for your soul. A big thank you to Yvette Toome who has sent this in for us.

Ian Beat the Bug

These are unprecedented times, in which we are all compelled to find new ways to connect – ways that are often unfamiliar or outside of our comfort zone. But, rather than dwell upon the barriers, why not look upon our enforced isolation as an opportunity to develop new strategies for communication?

Sports day 3

All on the Active Lifestyles Traditional Sports Day enjoyed a fabulous summer’s day at the Rye, briefly interrupted by the inevitable downpour of rain.

Badminton 1

Over the last few months, we have been working with Wycombe Performance Badminton with special coaching from Alistair.

Art exhibition 3

The Art Group has been getting creative with the right hemisphere of the brain this month. Inspired by culture and countries of the world, the group were given the project title ‘The World’.


Talkback is a charity who work for and with people who have a learning disability and/or Autism; providing them with opportunities to socialise, learn life skills and develop the confidence to become independent.

Playing seated volleyball

Come and join Talkback Nclude for Summer Activities! Enjoy the sun, make more friends, have a great time and learn new skills along the way. We have a range of activities to take part in this summer in Buckinghamshire.

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