Supporting Professionals

Talkback, from its inception in 1998, to the current day, has strived to create an inclusive professional environment that steers and challenges mainstream thinking with regards to disability and autism. Our engagement with people in support services and community now influences nationally.

How we work

We gather a diverse range of people’s voices and help them express their views to influence positive change, both in their own lives and in their community. We ensure the voices of those we engage with are heard by statutory and non-statutory services. Our advocacy services include Care Act Advocacy and Community Advocacy, plus an Experts by Experience programme and Easy-read service.

For professionals we offer

Consultation Services for businesses, education providers and the wider community. Help with organisations who commission development such as Councils, Social Care providers and local Health Services.

And we are experts in our field.

Your Voice

With over 21 years of experience working in Buckinghamshire, and roots in self-advocacy, Your Voice works to give people self-confidence, self-esteem and a voice.

We support people to think about what their life is like, how they would like it to be and if there’s anything missing. 

We work for and with people with learning disability or autism. Our roots are in self-advocacy and this has allowed us to develop consultancy support around a whole range of life solutions.

We build self-confidence and self-esteem to enable people with a learning disability and autism to

  • Use the skills that will enhance their quality of life
  • Be as independent as they are able and want to be.

We want to see respect for all people with a learning disability and autism.

Outcomes we have seen

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Decreased social isolation
  • Engagement in the planning and development of statutory and non-statutory services
  • Increased engagement in their local communities
  • Informed choice making
  • Network of social and life skills groups
  • Voices feeding into local/national government, health and support providers to effect positive change in quality of life

What we offer professionals

Consultancy and research around areas of:

  • Care Act and community advocacy
  • Co-production and consultation
  • Community engagement
  • One off consultancy services
  • Life-long support services
  • Co-facilitated training for frontline services
  • Expert by experience and quality checkers
  • Self-advocacy workshops
  • Health passports
  • Easy read

If you’d like to find out more and understand how we can help you or your family member or your organisation, then just get in touch.

Supporting Professionals

Our work extends beyond helping individuals we meet. We also work around the subject of learning disabilities and autism to help organisations understand their impact and what they can proactively do to manage this. We ensure that the voices of those with whom we engage are heard by both statutory and non-statutory services. Our services include Care Act advocacy and Community advocacy. Our professional services include:


Our service is wide-ranging and looks into areas such as domestic abuse and bereavement where there is currently little provision of services for people with learning disability and autism

Community and Individual Engagement

Through working groups in the community, we gather people’s experiences and provide feedback to professionals and Councils on a whole range of subjects that touch on their lives, the effective use of resources and how to fill gaps in provision.


Our service is designed by people with learning disabilities and is based around the core principles of co-production, as described by the Social Care Institute for Excellence.

Learning Disability and Autism Training

We provide a range of training courses designed for professionals, shops on the high street and online, commercial operations and statutory bodies to help and understand people with learning disabilities and autism.

Advocacy and Self Advocacy

Advocacy is about understanding each person’s needs, thoughts and feelings to ensure they receive the right information and advice. Self advocacy is about helping them represent themselves effectively.


Working alongside other organisations and the people we help, we campaign for the rights of people whose voice is often ignored.

Spot Purchase

We are available for spot-purchase activity around consultancy, The Care Act and Community Advocacy and we regularly take part in Care Treatment Reviews, working on behalf of the individuals we support.

Quality Checking and Experts by Experience

Our Quality Checkers are individuals with a learning disability or autism who assess services and provide effective feedback in order to promote inclusion and development.

Easy Read

Turning any document, website or information into a format where they are easy to read for people with a learning disability or autism.

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