Personal Development and Skills

Personal Development and Skills is a programme that has been designed to enable people with a learning disability and autistic people to build confidence in managing their own lives. So, it provides opportunities for growth through skills development. Including travel training, sports, arts and employment.

What issues are experienced?

Once someone with a learning disability or autism leaves formal learning there is often an issue. And that’s what comes next. Especially if they are not ready to think about employment.

So, to put this in context. There are over 5,000 adults in the community living in either supported or independent living who do not have a social and life skills network. Therefore, they often lack the skills to do things in their lives. Such as manage their money or be able to use public transport. And this hinders their freedom. As well as stopping them fully moving into adult life.

So, how do we address this?

Our Personal Development and Skills Programme offers sessions designed to develop a person’s life journey. So, we deliver a range of skills-based sessions that enable greater freedom. As well as activity-based sessions that enhance confidence, help make new friendships and develop practical and emotional skills. So, the programme covers key Personal Development areas. Including employment, travel training, sports and well-being. As well as friendships, personal safety, creative and performing arts, and practical DIY skills.

Our skills-based sessions

Our approach focuses on building on what people can and want to do. So, we work in partnership to set goals, celebrate progression and explore new opportunities. And all designed to help and achieve greater independence.

Sessions include:

  • Employment and Work Skills
  • Travel Training
  • Online Safety and Cyber Resilience
  • Relationships
  • Money Skills
  • Healthy Lifestyles, including healthy eating and physical activity

Our activity-based sessions

Our Activity Groups work, because they develop social and communication skills. As well as assist with building meaningful friendships and enabling continual personal growth.

Sessions include:

  • Drama and Art
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Therapeutic Arts
  • Mindfulness and Wellbeing

The programme vision

The programme’s vision is to offer people opportunities. So they can:

  • Build lasting and meaningful friendships
  • Thrive in new-found freedom and confidence
  • Create new pathways and support future personal growth
  • Be a part of and contribute to something special
  • Take control of personal wellbeing
  • Feel secure, healthy and happy

Download our information leaflet:

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