A great experience at the Healthy Living Centre

Over the last few months, four members of our Personal Development & Skills (PDS) programme, Moving On group, have taken part in a work experience placement at the Healthy Living Centre (HLC) in Aylesbury.

The HLC is a community hub focussed on supporting the local wards of Southcourt and Walton Court in Aylesbury. A place where people can hire to run groups or host meetings, the HLC also holds events for the community and runs a café and charity shop.

Every Wednesday between 10.30am- 2.00pm our team have been working in the charity shop and helping on reception. During this time, they have learnt how to price items as well as answering the phone and taking messages. But one of the best things, according to one of our members, has been:

 “Learning how to use the till in the shop.”

Not only have they developed these practical skills, but working here has also meant they have had to think on their feet, make decisions and speak to people. All of which, has helped to boost their confidence and develop skills that are vital for entering into the world of work.

Our PDS programme works with adults and helps to develop their life journey. It covers key areas including employment, travel training, well-being, relationships and personal safety. We also provide access to sports, the arts and DIY skills.

In order to provide these services, we rely on the support and help businesses and organisations around the county. If you would like to get involved with the Talkback family please get in touch.