Transitions works with young autistic people and other learning disabilities. So, we help make the important transitions in each stage of their life. As well as dealing with anxieties and life’s challenges. Because they can often be overwhelming.

Alternative Learning is for people who, for any reason, feel unable to study within the standard college setting. Because we understand college is not for everyone. So making provision to ensure those who do not attend college can still develop their life skills is a key part of what we do.

What issues are experienced by young autistic people?

Some young autistic people and other learning disabilities will struggle in college. Because they do not feel that it is the right place for them. Yet, at the same time, they are still keen to explore the chances they have. In order to lead a more fulfilling life and actively contribute to the communities they live and (hopefully) work in. Because that is our ultimate aim.

How we address this

Alternative Learning creates opportunities for those who have learning disabilities or autism to access accredited training with a view to helping them into part-time or full-time work. It draws on services from across our offering to develop life skills, personal contact and strong social networks. We will create a programme together with you based on your interests and skills. In addition, we also have strong links with external providers who have more expertise to ensure the very best outcomes. For example in animal care and horticulture, where we partner with Green Dragon Eco Farm. Therefore we can provide you the best experiences and outcomes.

Because we believe that everyone should have the chance to progress and grow. So, if you’d like to find out more about our transitions programme. Or if you have an enquiry about our Alternative Learning programme, please just get in touch using the button below.