About Us

Talkback is an autism and learning disability charity. We’ve been helping people with learning disabilities and autistic people since 1998. We understand the challenges faced by those with learning disabilities, because we have over 20 years of experience. Therefore, we have developed clear programmes for helping them make the most of their lives.

We strive to create an inclusive, professional setting. One that steers and challenges mainstream thinking when it comes to disability and autism. We work with people and many different groups to do this. Always with the sole purpose of making the lives of those with a learning disability better. Because we believe they deserve it.

The Talkback Manifesto

See us as people who...

are valued, just like everyone else

enjoy the same things as everyone else; sport, drama, shopping and having fun

don’t deserve labels or stigma or discrimination

can make our own decisions and have a right to be heard

want to have relationships and love

have skills and abilities to positively change things around us

want all the opportunities that life can bring

have so much to offer

...see us as people

Making a Difference

Ensuring every one of the people we engage with achieves truly amazing things

Providing people with skills to live as independently as they are able or want to

Guiding people into a form of employment, increasing their self-esteem and independence

Helping people develop essential life skills and social opportunities

Helping people make friends and create positive relationships

Continually campaigning to help society see the ability and not the disability

Our Team

Talkback is an autism and learning disability charity. So, we’re proud to have a strong leadership team who have a wealth of knowledge working with people with learning disabilities and autistic people. We have over 70 colleagues who work in a variety of creative and personal ways. And all are experts in the programmes that we deliver. Our charity very much works as a team. So, we ensure that every person we meet will have the opportunity to thrive. Because we believe everyone should benefit from all the programmes that we offer.

Jay Hay

Jeremy Hay

Chief Executive Officer

Most people know me as Jay. I’ve previously run a leading £100m European company. I’ve also led an International Charity that worked in 21 countries. In addition, I have worked as a consultant, advising over 75 charities. And in my private life, I have worked with groups of people with learning disabilities for over 12 years. Always with a focus on making them an accepted part of the community. I am privileged to work with such a great team of staff, members and Trustees. Our autism and learning disability charity is committed to creating a society where people are inspired to live fulfilling lives. However, that is not just a vision. Because it is something we are passionate about and determined to make happen. We love to make a difference.

Yasmin Ahmed

Yasmin Ahmed

Head of Operations, Governance and Quality Assurance

I have over 25 years’ experience gained from a varied career across the voluntary sector and with local authorities. In addition, these have been within a number of domains including education, housing, health and wellbeing). Above all I like to design new ways to deliver services. I am particularly focused on reducing inequalities.

I’m passionate about working nationally and internationally with diverse communities. So, I have spent the last eighteen years developing and working for various charities in the United Kingdom. I have always worked with people from different communities, with different abilities and disabilities. I believe everyone has a right to be listened to. So, helping shape services that affect their lives is important. I am responsible for Safeguarding, Training, Audit and Risk, Quality and Compliance across the organisation. I also lead on Transitions from education to college as well. Finally, I am a member of Chartered Institute of Management (CIM) and have recently gained MSP Certification.

Claire Milon

Claire Milon

Head of Young People Services

I have worked in the international charity sector for over 15 years. And I’ve always promoted the core values of independence, teamwork and pro-active involvement in local communities. I have been the Head of all our education work since 2014. Today, I lead the team delivering education and community skills, having started as a project worker. I love seeing young people setting and achieving their life goals. Because I am motivated by seeing results in the people we support every year. In addition, I enjoy working with other professionals to ensure a joined up approach. So every young person has a bespoke, tailored package to allow them to succeed. 

Neil Sainsbury

Neil Sainsbury

Head of Adult Services

I’ve been with Talkback for four years and currently head up programme development. This involves overseeing the internal development of our existing programmes, as well as exploring new opportunities. Opportunities that will enable our members to lead rich and fulfilling lives. Most recently, I’ve worked for a variety of charitable organisations over the past seven years and have been involved in educational and employability projects. As well as day opportunities for people with learning and physical disabilities. Above all else, I’m passionate about developing new opportunities that allow people to reach their potential. And to explore new areas of personal development.

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor

Head of Business Development and Partnerships

I have worked in Adult Social Care for 25 years. This includes working for the Local Authority in managing and developing numerous Community and Day Opportunities Services across Buckinghamshire. I have also worked for the Rehabilitation Services Team. Here, I supported people to live independently in their own homes with minimal support, whilst accessing community activities and work experience placements. In addition, I worked with the Back2Base Supported Employment service and later became the Employers Development Officer.  There, I was responsible for engaging with employers at HR level to create connections. As well as finding paid employment opportunities for our members.

I also managed the Crisis Response Reablement Team. I joined Talkback in 2010 and I now lead our Supported Employment “Employability Hub” programme.

I’m passionate about helping people find their path. And my ultimate aim is always to secure paid employment of their choice. We use a variety of routes for the life journey to the “World of Work”. Because we believe that every one of our participants can work. As well as becoming a valued and respected member of their community.

Our Qualifications

Our staff are highly trained, both internally and externally. Therefore they are skilled to deliver in their particular roles. We also value experience of real life situations that our staff bring to our work. We’re trained in mandatory areas such as safeguarding and member care. In addition, we have specialist training. This includes behaviour management, learning support, dance and art, and how to get the best resolutions. For every single person we work with.

The world needs to see that people with learning disabilities and autistic people have so much to offer. Because they can contribute, like anyone else, towards economic development, social cohesion and the community spirit. People often ask me how do you speak to someone with a learning disability. That, sadly, shows me how far we have to go. The answer, by the way, is speak to them exactly the same way as everyone else. My friend Stephen, who has a learning disability, and I talk about Wycombe Wanderers football club and go to every home game together for years as friends.
Jay Hay
Jeremy Hay
Chief Executive Officer

Work At Our Autism and Learning Disability Charity

We are confident that we have a team that understands how to really help people with a learning disability and autistic people. However, we are always looking for other individuals to join our growing team. We are committed to the continual development of our talent. We rate life experience over qualifications and invest in training our team.

If you’d like to work with us and have something to offer, then please do get in touch.

Who We Work With

Our approach is centred in creating long-term, meaningful partnerships with other organisations. Because the provision of services that make a real difference to people with learning disabilities and autistic people relies on a joined-up approach. And across many different types of organisation. We work with key organisations to do this. They include:

Our work involves relationships with other key individuals and organisations. We are proud of what we do and what we can achieve. And we very much believe that we should be the first port of call for anyone who needs anything to do with learning disability and autism.