What Kindness Means To Me

Heather, a Talkback Member has written down her reflective thoughts on what kindness means. This is a reminder of what we do at Talkback and how we can bring positivity into people’s lives even throughout dark times. Please enjoy a bit of sunshine for your soul. A big thank you to Yvette Toome who has sent this in for us.

Written by Heather – Talkback member


1.Helping family
2. Doing shopping for mum.
3. Collect mum medication at chemist.
4. Buy anything else for mum i.e.wool, etc.
5. Taking mum to hospital appointments.
6. Phoning friends to see if they are ok.
7. Shopping for friend who don’t have cars to get about. i.e. Facemask
8. Being there for friends who need me when they have an off day.


1.Friends calling me to see if I’m ok.
2. Weekly contact with TU Group every Friday.
3. Yvette calling me every Monday for a chat.
4. Yvette kindly made a facemask for me.
5. Having someone I can count on in times of need, i.e. when I’m stress, depressed, panicky.
6. Mum being around the corner if I ever need advice, reassurance, and understanding.
7. Yvette calling me on Thursday for Cameo group. These calls are a lifeline to me, having someone to talk to who I trust and know well.
8. Knowing there is someone who understands me and caring to speak about how I feel and not be judged.
9. Having friends to be there for you when you have an off day and being understood.
10. Having someone with the same interest as myself and to talk about hobbies and the day. Or just to say hello.
11. Having someone there when I have mental health issues. i.e. feeling depressed, anxious, low moods.

Kindness makes me feel cared for: someone there when I need them when my mind takes over and I over think thoughts or have a meltdown and when I get my down day and feel very depressed. By having someone I can trust to talk to who doesn’t judge or make you feel you’re wasting their time. Someone who’s happy to spend 20 minutes to help me get my thoughts, feelings or anxiety in order. I find Cameo does that and more. Their group help people with Autism come together and be around others of the same condition. Who understand how you feel and like you quirks and all. Kindness is feeling that you’re part of a group, you’re not on the outside looking in and not understanding what you did wrong. Having true friends who know about your Autism and like you as you are.
I am thankful for all the help and support I get from TU (Talent Unlimited) and Cameo. Also, friends who call and check up on how I’m doing in lockdown. The Coronavirus 19 is very stressful and scary and having someone to talk to about feelings and what going on in my head is a relief. To me they are a very important lifeline with my mental health and well-being I don’t think I would of being able to cope with this without their help and support.