People Stories

Rob’s Story

Rob joined Talkback as he began his time in higher education. To start with he received regular one-to-one support on a five-day package whilst at Amersham and Wycombe College.

During his time at college we also helped him find work experience, which he did with the National Trust. Two years into his course we were able to reduce his need for one-to-one support as he transitioned to a group-based support structure, which also helped him develop relationships and friendships. The group focused on travel training, confidence building, and pragmatic solutions to understand his emotions and cope with the challenges of everyday life.

Upon leaving college, Rob transitioned to an adult social care programme which continued to help promote personal and social development and the importance of forging relationships with other adults. Rob attended group activities on art and sport therapy, all designed to continue his journey towards independence and to create a sense of internal confidence.

Rob now travels independently to his sessions, has taken holidays on his own in Germany and Spain and is a regular at our Sports Academy. His confidence is simply awe-inspiring, and he is now an active contributor in many of our communities.