Independence Unlimited


A ‘Skills for Life’ programme which enables young people with a learning disability and/or Autism to build confidence in managing their own lives. Building opportunities through skills development; including travel training, sports and employability.

Issues experienced: Once someone with a learning disability and/or autism leaves formal education there is the issue of what comes next, especially if they are not at the stage of considering employment. Lacking the skills to do things in their lives, such as manage their money or be able to use public transport, hinders their independence and stops them fully transitioning into adult life.

How we address this: Independence Unlimited trains young adults in life skills, including travelling independently, managing money, building and maintaining relationships, staying healthy and preparing for the world of work. Building confidence in these areas enables our members to live fulfilling and independent adult lives.

A woman makes a purchase in a farm cafe via contactless payment.

Independence Unlimited is a ‘Skills for Life’ programme which enables people with a learning disability and/or Autism to confidently transition from education to adulthood; taking more control in managing their own lives. This is a group based programme which is accessible through direct payments or a personal budget.

The programme provides a range of groups, focusing on independent living, employability skills and relationships. Nclude are committed to working in fun, creative and engaging ways to help young adults access the community, socialise and gain confidence.

Independence Unlimited offers people the opportunity to:

For more information on Independence Unlimited please call or text Neil Sainsbury on 07422 660673 or Helen Krauze on 07410 696825, or

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