Talkback Member making props out of clay

Creative Media Group – Vampires and Spiders Come to Life

Another film-tastic success for the Creative Media Group with their latest project, Stop Motion Animation Films.

Talkback members from the Creative Media Group have completed their latest project, Stop Motion Animation Films. With many hours of hard work, members have planned the scenes, created mood-boards, and crafted the props and set. The figurines are made from clay and hand-painted to make the characters come to life. Additionally, members took individual photographs whilst moving the characters to tell the story. Offering a world full of possibilities and creativity, Talkback members are proud to present their work.


Talkback Member making props out of clay


Fantasy Romance Love Story by Becky

Becky’s story is a fantasy/romance theme. Set in a diner, it tells the tale of a beautiful lady who is enjoying a day together with her friend. When a good-looking gentleman comes over to talk to her, the lady is charmed. However, to their dismay they discover he is secretly a vampire! The vampire in disguise bites the lady! Luckily, her friend is there to save her. The vampire walks off in disappointment, unable to turn them into vampires too. Girl power!


Family Adventure by Kia

Kia’s story is based on the characters of the comedy show Family Guy. The family are at home, whilst Stewie comes to talk to the dog. They are having a relaxing conversation when suddenly a scary spider appears out of nowhere! One of the other family members comes down and sees they are scared of the spider and takes it away, saving them all from the terrifying situation.

Vampires and spiders! It’s just another day in the life of the Creative Media Group.