Talkback member dancing with ribbons

The Power of Dance

To kickstart the Olympic season, we want to celebrate some of our own gold medal successes of the Talkback Sports Academy this week.

The Power of Dance

We have discovered the power of dance and music to get our members moving, having fun, and learning new skills.  During lockdown we delivered an online activity programme with dance sessions and morning Wake Up Shake Up sessions every day. We have had fun with sessions such as Disco Dance, Cheerleading, Move and Stretch, learning different dance styles in ‘Dance Mix’, competitions and not forgetting our fabulous Friday Night Dance Parities on Zoom. Now we are back in our buildings of course we are still dancing. It’s clear to see the extraordinary impact dance has on our members.

Dance With Us

All our sessions are designed to be fun and inclusive with step-by-step instructions, games and great music that gets everyone moving. So many people have discovered a love of dance, and the outcomes have been that members are more active and have improved concentration and co-ordination. As everyone has learned new skills, confidence has soared and so many of our members have discovered just how talented they are!

Dream, Believe, Achieve

“The guys in the Thursday workshop have been so impressive. Particularly Derek who always gets up dancing. This has been a gradual process. When he first joined the virtual sessions at home, he did not move but once he was back in the group, he had the encouragement and confidence to try. Derek finds it difficult to communicate and dance is a medium where he is an equal with others. Now there is no stopping Derek dancing!”

“R enjoyed dance but found it difficult to follow the moves but over time the virtual sessions have changed this, and we have seen remarkable change in R’s ability which have in turn improved his confidence and self-esteem.”

“Ash’s confidence has really grown since he started. He was very shy to begin with but now join in everything with enthusiasm.”

A big shout out to our sports coaches who had to take on the challenge to deliver dance sessions when we first went online. Tisha and Sandra have gone on to take professional qualifications in dance so we can look forward to some exciting new opportunities coming soon.

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