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Staying safe in the online world

At Talkback, we work tirelessly to help our members and those we are yet to meet to develop life skills. So, as part of our work to help keep autistic people and those with learning disabilities safe online, we have made three unique films. They cover what to do in the event of Cyber Bullying and how to look out for Cyber Fraud. As well as how to protect personal details with Cyber Security. And our free cyber training resources come with specific workbooks. So, trainers can use them to help educate people. They are available to anyone who would like to use them.

Films for autistic people and those with learning disabilities made by autistic people and those with learning disabilities

All three of the films feature the amazing acting skills of Talkback members and the stories are told from their unique perspective. The films are accompanied by easy to follow, step-by-step learning booklets for the person who provides the training. And these are available to download for free.

See the trailer for Cyber Bullying

Why not have a look at the trailer for the Cyber Bullying film below.

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The films were professionally made by the fantastic team at Ultimate Films.

What do the stars of the films think about them?

The things I found useful were if people ask me manipulative questions about passwords or bank account number not to give them these details. Because people might be taking advantage of me. If anyone tries to get this information from me, I need to tell my parents. Also, if I had a Facebook message, email or text message from a scam or from anyone I don't know, I need to tell my parents. So, this training will help me to keep safe and build up my confidence

The free cyber training resources learning objectives

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Fraud

Cyber Security

The Cyber learning booklets

Each film is accompanied by a specific learning booklet. In order to find out more you can take a look at the Cyber Bullying one here to see how they work. And they have been carefully designed to be easy to use and ensure that participants get the very most from the session.

Keeping autistic people and those with learning disabilities safe online

Autistic people and those with learning disabilities have as much right as anyone else to use the internet. However, alongside the many benefits to using the internet there are also a number of risks. Because with access to technology comes the potential for cyberbullying, online grooming and risk of exposure to inappropriate content. Of course, this is a risk for all people using the internet, but the risk can be more profound for autistic people and those with a learning disability. As a result of increased vulnerability, tendencies towards obsessive compulsive behaviour and social challenges. And we want to help make sure they stay as safe as possible.

The resources are free and available for anyone to use

If you’d like to access the videos and be sent a copy of the learning booklets, then please just fill in the form below. We will come back to you, sending the booklets and providing the links to each of the films, hosted on our YouTube channel, Talkback TV.

At Talkback we are always working to improve the lives of autistic people and those with learning disabilities

This project was made possible through funding from Thames Valley Police and support from Buckinghamshire Council. If you have a project that you would like us to collaborate on then we’d be thrilled to hear from you. At Talkback, our passion is to provide constant personal growth. Because this allows the members to embrace new opportunities, no matter what their age. Therefore, we ensure that every single person who walks through our door has the tools to thrive. And that’s in any aspect of their life they choose.