What do we think about the Down Syndrome Bill?

Learning Disability England (LDE) would like to know what Talkback members think about the Down Syndrome Bill that is going through Parliament.

Learning Disability England (LDE) would like to know what Talkback members think about the Down Syndrome Bill that is going through Parliament.

The Bill says there should be a new law on making sure people with Down Syndrome get good support to live their lives. At the moment, the Bill is short. It says the Minister in charge of Health and Social Care should write guidance on how people with Down Syndrome should be included in all the laws that affect them, like education and care.

A group called the National Down Syndrome Policy Group has helped write the law and supported it happening. The National Policy Group website explains why they have worked on the Bill.

You can see their website and find out more here

You can read the draft Bill on the Parliament website here 

You can read the explanatory notes on the Bill here 

The National Down Syndrome Policy Group has written an Easy Read version of the Bill. Read the easy read version here

The LDE have some questions about the Bill and are worried about some things. They have heard some people say the Bill is good idea as it will make the laws we have better for people with Down Syndrome. Trustees from the Down Syndrome National Policy Group have made a video saying why they think that.

Watch the video here

Some say it’s a bad idea

They have also heard some people say the Bill is a bad idea. People have said it would be better if it included all people with learning disabilities. Kieron Smith has written a paper explaining why he thinks that. Read Kieron’s paper here (this paper is not in easy read).

THE LDE have talked about this as a Rep Body and overall, they do not think a separate law is a good idea. So, they have written to the National Down Syndrome Policy Group.  You can read that here  They have also written to Liam Fox, the MP leading the Bill. You can read that here 

In the letters they have said they want the laws and policy to support all people with learning disabilities to have good lives.

Before they say or do anything else they want to check what other Learning Disability England members think.

One reason they are asking is because they have not heard a lot of members talking about this.  Some individual members have told them what they think. But they have found it hard to find examples of members talking about this together.

They would like to know what you think about the Bill? What do you think Learning Disability England should do next? Please fill in this short survey. Or you can email them directly.

Fill in the short survey here


They will share with you as members what you and other members tell them. And then they will use your replies to help them think about what they do next together.