Walking in Nature

In the second of a series of blogs for National Walking Month, our colleague, Nicola Martin, takes a look at walking in nature.

When you have built up how long you can walk for, or you fancy a change of scenery head out into nature. Your walks can then be both interesting and educational.

Whether it be coastline, heathland, woodland, nature reserves or gardens. There are many places to explore nature. Lots of trees and creatures waiting to be discovered.

As you are walking along use your surroundings to distract you. Try to spot and identify birds and wildlife. Take a break next to a pond or lake and see what creatures you can spy enjoying the water’s surface.

Dusk is also an interesting time to be out in nature, as all the creatures that roam at night start to come out ready for a night of exploring and scavenging for food.

Find Walks and Nature Reserves

Below are some links to websites where you can find mapped out walks to follow. There are also websites to help you find your nearest nature reserve.


Nature Reserves:

Walking in nature can be beneficial in so many ways. The beauty of the natural world and the lessons we can learn from it. The pleasure it can give us while we are exercising. Enjoy walking in nature.

By Nicola Martin