Uniquely Wired exhibition, a great success!

On Thursday 4th April our Uniquely Wired exhibition at Milton Keynes Library came to a close. This exhibition, showcased talented Milton Keynes based artists, bringing together a broad range of artistic mediums including painting, photography and 3-D design, to explore and celebrate neurodiverse creativity.


This event would not have been possible without the support of Milton Keynes City Council, the generous sponsorship by Kuehne + Nagel and contributions from Talent Unlimited. It featured a variety of different artworks, which took the viewer on a journey from the streets of Milton Keynes to the fjords of Iceland before heading to outer space!

Sophie White, Talkback’s event curator, commented: “Our Uniquely Wired exhibition came to an end on the 4th April and the visitor feedback is in! We are extremely proud of all the artists who contributed and wish to thank MKC library for providing the opportunity to showcase their amazing talent. We would like to say a special thank you to our artists Angelo, Amy, Jordan, Alex, Evie and all at Talent Unlimited who contributed their work.”

Here are some of the amazing comments we received:

“It was great to see other people’s work and it was a nice environment to meet and see people who have probably experienced similar things to me.  I was speechless when walking up the stairs and seeing my picture there in front of me, it was very surreal! Having the opportunity to display my work, was important. My piece highlighted autism and mental health. I wanted to portray that It’s hard being ‘stuck’ in your room. It’s as though the door is locked (even though it isn’t). It’s about helping each other. If I can help one person through my work stuck in the same position as me, That’s fine. Seeing my art on display confirmed to me that I’m no longer in that place also. I’m no longer stuck. I’m free. I want people in a similar position to know it’s going to be ok.” Evie – event contributor

“It was wonderful to see all the hidden talent within the autistic community in Milton Keynes being put on display for all to see. We are filled with such pride that our daughter is one of those artists. Such an amazing opportunity and a way of boosting her confidence!” Parent of a contributor

“Very uplifting and thought-provoking, fantastic that these exceptionally talented individuals have an opportunity to showcase their work.  Important to take their messages and spread the word to ensure others understand neurodiversity better in order to help create more inclusive spaces where everyone can thrive together and be their true self.” Allison Best, UK Finance Director, Kuehne + Nagel

“Being autistic myself, I found the uniquely wired art exhibition, simply fascinating. The creativity and innovation on show is inspiring. Personally, I have only recently started to tap into my creative thoughts, as I often write short stories. In short, I think exhibitions like these are vital to helping the outside world understand the potential of those who have learning difficulties, autism or ADHD.” Z Archer-Khan

“Awe inspiring, motivating and exciting. Thank you for sharing this beautiful work. Just magical!” Krysia

“Beautiful art and so much creativity in one space! Thank you for your contributions!” Claire

“Thank you for facilitating a wonderful display of the magical talent of neurodiverse individuals. I love the art display is purely based on their creativity, not necessarily on the ‘neurodivergence’. Thank you again, my heart is happy!” Phoebe

“Incredible! Everything I saw made me stop and say ‘wow’, for totally different reasons, and all brilliant! Celebrating what makes people unique is always great!” Alan

“What a fabulous display of talent – I hope you feel inspired to do more and thank you for sharing with us all.” Jay

“Gorgeous collection of art by extremely skilled people – including my older sister Joanna, who has found art to be a brilliant outlet for her emotions. If she is reading this – I’m very proud of you!” Rachel

“Lovely exhibition – wonderful display of art by all concerned. I loved the collage by Joanna which outlined her experiences of autism perfectly. More of this please!” Cath

“A wonderful exhibition! So much talent and interesting views of the world around us. Well done to all – the artists and the organisers.” Kathryn

Awe inspiring, motivating and exciting. Thank you for sharing this beautiful work. Just magical! Krysia

Thank you to everyone who contributed their artwork and made this event possible, we can’t wait for the next one.