Lights! Camera! Action! Talkback Members star in Health Check film

A number of our members have starred in a new film that aims to raise awareness of the uptake of Annual Health Checks.

All too often, people with learning disabilities don’t receive the regular medical checks they are entitled too. It’s something we have long campaigned for. Because it’s important. Regular health checks help prevent the health gaps that sadly still exist this demographic.

One of the key issues is that people find them difficult to access. So, we’ve been working with the Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group to help promote the uptake of Annual Health Checks.

So, some of our members in Reading have taken a leading role in the film created by Dynamiq Media. The film is aimed at health professionals and focuses on how they can address the shortfall. We’re proud to see Nicola Martin, Jeremy Frost and Ben do their bit to help.

What does the film cover?

The film looks at sensible adjustments that can be made, in order to help people have these very important checks. Such as video or phone appointments. Or accessible and welcoming surgeries. In addition, it encourages doctors to ensure that their registers are accurate and inclusive. As well as assessing their patients’ preferred methods of communication.

“Our involvement in the project is the result of connections that Talkback has established over the years in Berkshire,” said Sue Pigott. “Yvette Toome and I worked with a Project Manager within Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Services. We met the film producers and found a way to complete filming within COVID restrictions.”

It was an enjoyable experience for all. Nicola’s narration was completed in one take. And Jeremy and Ben were absolute stars. The film’s Director was impressed with their work and said they should all be proud of themselves. And we are very proud of what they have done.

And, with a well-earned payslip for a brilliant job, they are looking forward to further involvement in the project. Next stop? Hollywood! Watch the full video here.