On the 12th Day of Talkback, Talkback gave to me…

For the last couple of weeks our Personal Discovery group have been rewriting 12 days of Christmas, to the 12 days of Talkback.


The members worked together to think of all the different things Talkback does, how it has helped them and the things they love doing.

This included The Accessible Workshop, Theatre group, Sports and Sports coaches, Art, Mindfulness, Supported employment and how all these things help them to be as independent as possible. They then created a wonderful picture, to illustrate their work.



We couldn’t be prouder of their 12 Days of Talkback. We think it sums up perfectly the variety of skills, opportunities and activities, we aim to provide our members with.

Here it is in full:

12 Days of Talkback

On the 12th day of Talkback

Talkback gave to me

12 Groups of friends

11 Coaches training

10 Kind words

9 Brushes painting

8 Chatty members

7 Actors acting

6 Saws are sawing

5 Mindful breaths

4 Interviews

3 Wake up shakes up

2 Baking chefs

Independence and a place to be me!