Talkback’s Greatest Detective – a huge success!

Congratulations to our Drama Group, who last week put on a stellar performance of, Talkback’s Greatest Detective!

Our group has been hard at work, creating a wonderful summer performance, which took place on 2nd July at Buckingham Park Community Centre.

The audience were concerned to hear that a body had been found, in the library at Styles Hall. The Earl, Edward Demise had been murdered! It was left to Police Lieutenant, Lou Tennant, to get to the bottom of this terrible crime.

With outstanding performances from the whole cast, the audience were taken on an hilarious tale of thrills and spills. Hot on the trail of the murderer, numerous suspects were in the mix including Ivor Motiffe, the live-in Chef, Kryten, the Butler and Victor Timm, the Earls’ Driver. It was anyone’s guess, who the murderer could be.

Even our Chief Executive, Jeremy Hay, was placed in the line up for crimes against fashion and promptly booked for:  “Wearing an offensive shirt with undue care and attention!”. See the pictures for yourself, to make up your own mind as to whether he’s guilty of this crime.

What a wonderful time the audience had as our members, supported by our brilliant staff, performed a wonderful, laugh out loud show. It concluded with a fantastic dance routine, to the perfect song, Murder on the Dance Floor.

Well done everyone! We can’t wait to see your next show.