Talkback members express what the Queen meant to them

Over the last week few weeks, we have been asking all our members how they are feeling about the death of the Queen and any memories they have.

So often, people with learning disabilities and autistic people are ignored when someone dies. They just want the same chance to grieve as everyone else and it is vital they have a space to express their feelings.

With our groups we have held discussions about how they are feeling and whether they had been following the news on TV, with some saying they had watched the funeral on television. The feelings they expressed were lovely.

One member, who is a keen plane follower, tracked the Queen’s plane flying from Scotland to Northolt and also the King’s plane flying from Northern Ireland to England on his computer. He then went outside to watch the plane go by.

Another mentioned about The Queens horse and Corgis and we all felt that was very special. One member felt that King Charles should be a good King. In general, all seemed accepting about the situation.

We have complied some of the thoughts, pictures and poems our group gave to us, as well as the views from members of our fabulous staff. You can read what the Queen meant to them here. We will be sending a copy of this to Buckingham Palace. Memories of Our Queen