Talkback Driving Programme

Devised by Talkback’s Alan Lawrence, the Driving Programme covers everything our members need to pass their test, and more!

In its first year everyone on the course applied for their provisional license, apart from the person who already had one! And this year, we’ve had a great success story with a young man who has passed his theory and practical tests! Another student has decided to learn to drive and has booked a taster session with Mercedes Benz World.

Our Driving Programme is split into logical steps and includes the following:

Driving Theory Test
The test requires students to answer 50 questions that are randomly selected from 750 available questions. To pass, they must get at least 43 out of 50 correct. We’ve put together three Talkback mock tests, taken from the official DVSA list of questions, to help with practice.

Hazard Perception
To pass, students need to score at least 44 points out of a possible 75. This is carried out during the theory test and is computer based. The Talkback Hazard Perception tests are all taken from the internet.

Talkback Road Sign test papers
These help students to recognise the different road signs in preparation for the test.

The programme also includes:

How to apply for a provisional driving licence.

How to book driving lessons.

How to find driving instructors who specialise in teaching those with autism or a learning disability.

What to do in the event of an accident.

Accident repairs.

Laws of the road.

Servicing, MOT, insurance, and car repairs.

The pros and cons of buying new and used cars, or leasing.

The basics under the bonnet – washer bottle, coolant level, power-steering level, oil level check.

What the dashboard warning lights mean and what to do.

Our Talkback Driving Programme is all about preparation and ensuring we build confidence to open a world of possibilities. At Talkback we never assume that people can’t achieve their goals.