Talkback at Cliveden

This month, in our monthly newsletter Talkingback, we are delighted to feature a guest article from Erin Laybourne. Erin is a Senior Volunteering and Community Officer from the National Trust. Here, she tells us about her experience of working with Talkback and members such as Alex, pictured here.

Since October 2021, Cliveden has been working in partnership with Talkback. We have been delighted to welcome four of their members since we began, with each individual volunteering weekly alongside our regular gardening volunteers and staff. They help with important gardening tasks in our historic, formal gardens.

We have watched, with pride, each person grow in confidence and develop their skills as the weeks have gone by. One of the Talkback members now also volunteers in our café and another has just finished a long-term working placement at another garden,

We are hugely proud of both the Talkback members and the progress they have made since joining us. I am simply delighted that we have been able to build this partnership and help the Talkback members develop and (pardon the pun) grow skills for future employment. We cannot wait to continue to develop our relationship with them.

Ian Rowlands is an Employment Coordinator at Talkback and has been responsible for supporting our members throughout their time at Cliveden. He’s thrilled with the relationship: “Our members have grown in self-confidence and the Cliveden team have been so very supportive and welcoming, which has helped make the experience a real joy for everyone involved. We cannot thank Cliveden enough.”

Find out more about the employment opportunities Talkback provides here.

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