Sports Day

All on the Active Lifestyles Traditional Sports Day enjoyed a fabulous summer’s day at the Rye, briefly interrupted by the inevitable downpour of rain.

The day featured traditional sports like a fancy dress race, obstacle course, staff race and potato and spoon race (what, no eggs?).

A sports day is so much more than getting that gold and winning. A sports day is about bringing people together, encouragement, teamwork, staying active and having fun.

“The sports day showed why you should never doubt the ability of people, nor the possibly of what can be achieved if you have the determination to try. Everyone that took part is inspiration for us to develop creative opportunities for people to be active and healthy. Was one of the best days I’ve seen since I joined.” – Neil, Head of Programme Development.

It’s an annual event to train towards; to look forward to but most importantly, it’s an event where everyone is involved no matter what level of ability. And that’s what we are all about; encouraging potential, creating experiences and making opportunities.

Penny, who brilliantly organised the day, shares a slice of the Sports Day atmosphere;

“The sports day was special as it gave everyone a chance to be active and for the sheer enjoyment that was evident in the members faces. It was a truly inclusive event that each member could participate in. The atmosphere was aided by the great staff teamwork on the day. It was also a confidence building event with the members achievements being recognised with the many beautiful medals, made by our amazing Monday arts group.” – Penny, Equip Project Worker.

Medals created by the Nclude Monday Arts Group were presented at the end of a successful day and presented to members by trustees. A day in which everyone brought their best and everyone was a winner.

A final note from our top sports lady; “Sports day must go down as one of my favourite days ever! It was such a joy to see everyone taking part in the team games, having fun, trying their hardest but being fantastic sports. Everyone was recognised for their brilliant effort with the fabulous medals made by the Nclude Arts group. A special mention must go to Penny for planning and running the day and for everyone on the team who made it all possible. Can’t wait for next year!” – Helen, Independence Unlimited Manager.