Screwfix Foundation grant helps to improve our facilities

We’d like to thank the Screwfix Foundation for their generous grant, which has enabled us to install an additional toilet in our building, The Merlin Centre, in Aylesbury.

Being able to install an extra toilet has made the space more accessible to our members and our sessions more time-efficient, as our members are no longer having to spend time queuing. Having this extra facility, also means that we can invite more members to our sessions, meaning we are able to provide opportunities for more people.

The new installation involved creating a new room by building partition walls and installing a new toilet and hand-washing facilities. Built to a high standard, this will be a long-lasting asset to the building. The total cost for the work completed was £2664.50.

We run a variety of group sessions from our Aylesbury location which support autistic people and those with a learning disability to learn life skills, socialise and become increasingly independent. We support and empower individuals to experience personal growth, contribute to their local community, and live fulfilling lives.

We’d like to thank the Screwfix Foundation for their kind support.