Our Transitions to Work Scheme continues to deliver

Thanks to funding from the Rothschild Foundation, we’re delighted to be running our Transitions to Work programmes in Wycombe and Aylesbury.


Since we began this programme, working with Citizen’s Advice Bucks, we have taken 29 young autistic people, who had no funding or help, through our Transitions to Work process and already six of them are in work. This shows just what can happen with the right funding and expertise.

You don’t just need to take our word for it either. Here are some wonderful comments from people who completed our Transitions to Work programme:

“Talkback has helped me by giving me regular 1-1 sessions and increasing my confidence. My job coach gave me the support and confidence to complete my Food Hygiene Certificate.”

“I am now aware of what roles are available to me based on my current skills and knowledge. I am more motivated to search for these jobs.”

“Since meeting on a regular basis with my job coach, my confidence has increased, I am now more sociable and motivated. Through the work placement that my job coach has helped me find, I have learnt lots of new skills and made new professional relationships with my colleagues.”

“Before I first met with my Job Coach, I wasn’t sure if this is what I needed but I was very wrong, he has been great. He helped me improve my confidence, provided support in understanding my finances and has encouraged me to look to the future, creating realistic short and long-term goals.”

“I have found the support to be very beneficial. My job coach has helped me to increase my belief in myself and motivated me to complete my CV and start looking for jobs.”

For more information visit our Transitions to Work page here.