Tennis Challenge Tournament

Our tennis stars compete in Team Tennis Challenge Tournament

On Thursday 7th July the Sports and Good Health Group completed their tennis programme with a trip to Halton Tennis Club for a fantastic Team Challenge Tournament.

At Talkback, we work with our members across a wide range of activities, including numerous sports. Over the last three months we have been running a tennis challenge programme. And, to coincide with Wimbledon, we concluded with a trip to Halton Tennis Club for a fantastic Team Challenge Tournament.

Our group were split into two teams and pitted against each other in a series of mini challenges. This tested all the skills they have been learning over the past six weeks. And it was incredible to watch. We were thrilled to witness matches with long rallies – the like of which our members never thought they would achieve when we started. It just goes to show you what can be achieved with great support and a real determination.

But it’s not just about playing sport. Our programmes are designed to provide so much more. From great social connections, to the thrill of competition, to building team work. And, of course, confidence building through achievement.

Working with inclusive coach Phil Hill with funding from the LTA this has definitely one of our best ever programmes. See below for some of our members in action. We are sure you will agree, they’ve done an amazing job.

These programmes would not have been possible without the support of a number of organisations.

We are incredibly grateful to the following people and organisations. The Dan Maskell Trust, a tennis charity who raise funds for people with disabilities to play tennis who provided some of the funding. The LTA, who also provided some of the funding. Phil Hill, an inclusive tennis coach. And both Halton Tennis Club and the Bucks Indoor Tennis Centre for allowing us to use their facilities.