Equip Education Figures

Our 2021 Annual Impact Report
A year in Equip Education

We’ve had another great year helping our students in Equip, which supports young people through all stages of education.

Equip supports young people through all stages of education. As well as providing life skills, employability skills, social skills, confidence building and work experience.

At Talkback, we are focused on developing the individual and helping them meet their aspirations. After all, why should all young people not be able to dream and achieve great things. Because too may labels placed on young people stop them from achieving. So, we want all our students to just be seen as people. And not people with learning disabilities or autistic people. They should be given the same opportunities and chances as everyone else.

After all, they don’t want special treatment. Just the same opportunities for jobs, life and love. And that’s what we work tirelessly to make happen.

Our year in Equip Education

We completed the academic year with 67 students in July 2021. 40 of these students returned to Equip in September and were joined by 33 new colleagues. And outside of the college environment, we continue to develop our work programmes. So, we’ve added three new employers to out programme, bringing our total up to six.

We also launched a brand new summer programme to help with the anxiety of moving from school to college. We were delighted to help 13 students in this programme, all of whom have stayed in college.

Away from education, our community groups continue to thrive. During the year we have run 19 separate groups each and every week, providing people with a place to talk, share and grow friendships.

It’s been a fantastic year. If you’d like to find out more about Equip, you can visit our web page here. And, if you’d like to read about the impact we have made across the range of services we provide, you can read our Annual Impact Report here.