Netball skills

Netball skills programme a huge success

Talkback sports coaches, Gemma Dickson and Sandy Rowlands, have been working with Vikki Coyle of England Netball.  Providing a six-week Blended Netball Programme for our Sports and Good Health group.



We’re delighted to say that our Blended Netball Programme has proved to be highly successful. It’s resulted in improved Netball skills, using a games-based approach, as well as the development of team playing. In turn, this has encouraged communication skills and the ability to work together to actually play a game.

Helen Krauze, Sports and Wellbeing Manager at Talkback commented: “What the team has achieved through working with this group is truly inspirational. As well as the immediate benefits to our members, we now have more sport programmes in the pipeline, which other groups will benefit from.”

We’d like to say a huge thank to Parasport and Sport England who provided the funding for the equipment. Because without that, we wouldn’t have been able to run this programme.

You can see the group in action, showing off their netball skills, in this fantastic video below. We hope you enjoy it.