National Simplicity Day

Today (12th July) is National Simplicity Day. It is a day for us all to take a step back from our hectic lives. To let go of our complicated lives and live for a day.

A Simpler Life

These days we live in a complicated world that puts stress and strain on us. Use this day as a new start to a simpler life. A place to start would be turning off devices. Spend more time with family or people who are important to you. Remove people and things that are not necessary in your life.

It has been determined that some of the happiest people in the world are those in uncivilised areas, whose only concerns are what they’re going to eat that day and where is a good place to sleep.

Memories From the Past

I remember growing up in a time when life was much simpler than it is today. Lots of time with family making memories that we still reminisce and laugh about today.

Houses less cluttered as we could only afford the essentials. Using objects we had around the house to create games. There was more imaginative play because we had little technology.


Today is about getting rid of complications and dispersing from life the things that do not bring you joy. Aim for a permanent simpler life and remember changes do not happen overnight.

Nicola’s Tips

  1. Have a technology free day.
  2. Listen to relaxing music at least once a day.
  3. Once a month do a deep clean and tidy of the environment around you.
  4. Do something for yourself that you enjoy as often as you can.
  5. Learning that life is not always perfect. Enjoying the good times, and battling through the bad times, knowing something good could be just around the corner.

By Nicola Martin