Independent Travel Training in action

At Talkback we provide Independent Travel Training as part of our Personal Development and Skills programme, which is designed to enable autistic people and those with a learning disability to build confidence in managing their own lives.



Independent travel can open up a world of social, leisure and employment opportunities. Our training covers personal and road safety and how to plan a journey by bus or train. We also provide support on how to apply for a bus pass, develop skills to read a timetable, tell the time, calculate costs, practice money skills, and how to use a travel app.

We use bespoke assessment tools and a wealth of travel training experience, to gauge where our members are on their steps towards independence. They learn how to prepare for a journey and consider what they need to take with them. We also use role play to practice what to do if something goes wrong before they embark upon any real-life journeys.

Our members are supported at each stage, no-one is left to do it alone until they are ready.

Talkback’s Travel Training has a massive impact on the members who take part but don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself.