Focus on Reading Member, David Griffiths

Sadly, Talkback services are stopping in Reading for the time being. However, we wanted to take some time to highlight some of the people who have worked alongside us. The work we have carried out across the years has been varied and valued. Whether it has been training, interviewing, presenting or chairing meetings, we have always had a dedicated cohort of people who have worked with us. And for this, we are very grateful.

One such person is David Griffiths (affectionately known as Lord Griffiths). David is one of our regular members in Reading, who has flourished and gained so much from our connections. We were delighted to see a photo of him recently, receiving a much deserved award for his commitment to adult education at New Directions College in Reading. The award was presented by Councillor Debs Edwards, Deputy Mayor of Reading.

David has always had a determined mind to learn. He has attended New Directions College, learning Maths and English and taking part in yearly exams. He never gives up and we are delighted that he received this award.

David has worked across Talkback for more than 15 years. During this time he has embraced the opportunity of sharing the activities he enjoys. And these have helped him connect to others.

Getting on his bike

A particular hobby of his is bikes, which he has used to describe the community connections he has made. This has helped other people with learning disabilities to understand how important hobbies are. Because they can connect you to other people. Through his love of bikes, he has been able to maintain many friendships.

A healthy focus 

One of our long standing projects in Reading has been Health Passports. You can see David pictured below promoting these with Sue and Jeremy. After he had an accident on his bike, David used his experience of receiving care. Through the training we provided and our presentations to promote health passports, David used his image and personal story. So he could share how important it is to be healthy and keep an eye on your health. In recent times, David’s health has altered. So, he is even more aware of what he needs to do to keep his health on track. He has been inspired from listening and learning to the many health professionals he has met over the years.

Always raising awareness

David was an active Co Chair on the Reading Learning Disability Partnership board. Here, he would bring his “bell” to the meetings to keep people on track. These meetings raised awareness of gaps in services.  As well as the good work that was being carried out across Reading. Work that enabled people to feel valued and included in any strategies, research or campaigns. He also took part in interviews for student nurses at Prospect Park Hospital, an activity he really enjoyed.

David spends his time with the friends that he has made through Talkback’s services in Reading and is always on the look out for new activities that bring him closer to other people.

We are very proud of David achievements and the time that he has given Talkback over the years. Well done David!