Findlay Park Investments, help our MK Thrive job group get work ready

Members of our MK Thrive job group were delighted to spend a day at Findlay Park Investments in London, where they found out about different roles and took part in mock interviews.

Thanks to funding from Findlay Park Investments, we have been able to support a group of young people who are disadvantaged in the workplace. For the last year our two employment coaches, Sophie and Richard, have met with the group every fortnight to help them build their skills and confidence. The day spent at Findlay Park was the culmination of these sessions, as the group visited the Findlay Park Investments office in London.

How did they spend the day?

Our Chief Executive, Jay Hay,  commented: “This visit was truly a benchmark moment. Three of the team had never been to London before so that in itself was exciting. The rest had rarely stepped inside an office and this was the trial we needed, to see how they managed.

“When we got to the offices, the warmth of the welcome and the professional and caring team that carried out the interviews and fed back to the group were fantastic. We also had people who came in to explain their roles to the group. This wasn’t just helpful it was the perfect experience for our young people.

“This day, reinforced the sessions we continue to do and from some of the comments from Findlay Park, gave us new insight. The way each of the team shared their time and expertise was humbling. They have a great team and ethos and they made our day so special. They have really helped our MK Thrive job group take another step forward on their search for work. We can’t thank them enough.”

Faye Ash from Findlay Park Investments, who arranged the event, commented: “We all really enjoyed the day, the young people that came in were all brilliant and we wish them all the best! Hopefully we can do something like this again in the future.”

We really hope so too!

Here are some lovely photos from their day.