Extreme Fundraising from the Flying Amigos

We are delighted, and a little apprehensive, to hear that the Flying Amigos are preparing to SkyDive from 15,000 feet on Friday 13th September (of all days), to raise money for Talkback.


The Flying Amigos were founded by Stephen Brown and Carl Devereux, in 2016. In a moment of madness, Carl challenged Stephen to a bungee jump knowing he had a fear of heights. Stephen agreed, but only if they raised over £1,000 for charity. They very quickly hit that target. And the Flying Amigos was born.

The team members now include Corine Nash, Liam Brown, Danny Wright, Bill Collins, Alison Seaward, Tracey Brown and Lisa Devereux, and the group regularly raise money for different charities by embarking on fear inducing challenges, such as bungee jumping, ziplining, abseiling and sky diving.

They select charities to support based on; positive local impact, either limited or no government funding, or if the charity resonates with one or more of the team members in some way.

As Stephen, said: “Talkback ticked all those boxes as most, if not all of us, know someone, whether our families or friends, who have faced the life challenges of living with Autism or learning difficulties.”

Jeremy Hay, Talkback’s Chief Executive, commented: We can’t thank the Flying Amigos enough for taking part in this challenge for Talkback. With any money raised, we are looking to take a group of our members to visit the RAF Museum. This would give them the opportunity to learn more about planes and the 2nd World War. Most of our members, who live independently, have no ability to travel on their own. So, being able to visit this museum would be an incredible experience for them.”

We can’t believe someone is willing to actually jump out of a plane on Friday 13th for Talkback, but we are feeling very lucky that the Flying Amigos are willing and brave enough to do so.

If you would like to support the Flying Amigos in their efforts, you can do so here:

In case you were wondering, all their events are self-funding, no money comes out of donations to pay towards their bucket list.

Here are some pictures of them in action