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Creative Media – The Mash Up Movie

The Creative Media Group proudly present their incredible animation film, ‘The Mash Up Movie’.

The Mash Up Movie

The Creative Media Group have released their new Stop Motion Animation Project. Talkback are proud to present, The Mash Up Movie. The movie has been created using lego figurines to represent the members’ favourite singers and was shot by series of over 500 images.


The story depicts Martin Kemp as the main protagonist. When Martin goes to the train station he is stopped by the guard Gandalf because he does not have a ticket. The departure time is close so Martin Kemp searches around the station for his ticket in a panic. He encounters some more notable characters along the way, requesting help. Finally, he is saved by Tony Hadley who had the tickets all along! A special thank you to Harry Potter and The Magic Princess for featuring!


Ralph, Talkback Project Worker says:

“The project brought together many different aspects for the members to be involved in. From creating the initial story concept, scriptwriting, making the storyboard (a pictorial representation of the script), constructing sets to using the camera extremely well. This allowed the members to visualise their story and produce some creative content. Each member brought elements of their favourite things into the film.

As well as providing a method to stimulate their creativity, it has also allowed them to problem solve and communicate more with their peers whilst understanding to freely present their opinions and thoughts. Sometimes this means having to compromise”.

The Creative Media Group have shown innovation throughout the process and during the making of The Mash Up Movie. We hope you enjoy watching!