Build a better business – How inclusivity can boost productivity

Working with Buckinghamshire Council, we are delighted to announce a conference for HR Professionals and local business leaders on how to build a better business.

Our conference will take place on:

Date: March 14th

Time: 10.15am until 1.15 pm.

Location: Aylesbury Gateway (The Diamond Room)

Around 9.7% of businesses in the UK are experiencing worker shortages. And over a quarter of accommodation and food sector businesses have staff shortages, the most of any industry sector.

Do you need to increase staff numbers and reduce turnover?

Would you like to increase staff productivity, to really boost your business?

This free conference aims to:

  • Understand the challenges you are facing.
  • Identify changes that may be needed in training and education.
  • Look at how you can access an untapped pool of neurodiverse talent, to fill your employment needs.

The event will feature a range of speakers. Including Softcat’s Head of Employee Engagement, Anushka Davies, Ben Stykuc from the Department of Work & Pensions, Alex Taylor, Learning and Development Manager at Harrison Catering Services and John Wallbank, Assistant Director of People at Fairhive. There will also be workshops where we can dig deeper, to really try and tackle the issues and challenges you are facing as a local employer. This is your chance to join the debate and be heard.

Come and join fellow professionals to work together to make your business better.

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