Art Exhibition

The Art Group has been getting creative with the right hemisphere of the brain this month. Inspired by culture and countries of the world, the group were given the project title ‘The World’.

‘The World’ – such a vast topic and so many possibilities to put into practise. The group started with choosing a country they were interested in exploring, in some cases multiple countries were chosen which was greatly welcomed. The project started with compiling a research portfolio consisting of interesting facts about the countries, an inspiration stimulus to kick-start the process of creating.

Members were equipped with endless art materials to produce a variety of pieces they thought best complimented their topic. Models crafted from scratch, papier – mâcheé installations, mood boards, masks, flags and that’s just the start. The group were encouraged to let their artistic expression to take over, as there is no right or wrong with art.

We invited friends, families and trustees to view the beautiful projects at our Art Exhibition. Each member set up a stall displaying their World Project and even provided cuisine from each culture to set the mood. We all took part in an interactive world quiz, to test our knowledge of all we have learnt from the Art Exhibition. The day was concluded with certificates presented to the group to finalise the creative process and recognise the time and effort put into our biggest Art Exhibition yet.