Amy’s amazing calendars

We can’t believe how beautiful this 2024 calendar is, which has been by made by Amy a Talkback member.

Amy and her husband started making calendars around five  years ago and go on holiday every year to get some great photos to put into them at the end of the year.

Amy joined Talkback three years ago. Following an ADHD assessment in 2020, Amy decided to seek support for her autism and, following a recommendation, joined Talkback.

Even though we were only running classes online, due to Covid, Amy settled into Talkback well. In 2022, Amy was one of Talkback’s key speakers at the Talkback CNWL ‘Think Autism’ conferences delivering her story to 150 mental health professionals.

Amy received her Autism diagnosis earlier this year, she commented: “I feel validated, not crazy and I have hope. For the first time in my life, I am able to learn more about myself with confidence. I won’t lie, the path towards this doesn’t look completely clear and I’m still learning and realising new things every day but I have direction, a purpose and support from the correct places now.”

She said: “I got into photography before smart phones were even a thing. My mum had a fondness for it and I guess the interest sprang from there.”

“I do it because there’s nothing better than capturing a memory that you can look back on again and again and remember with fondness. With my ADHD my memory can be quite bad, so this allows me to remember.”

Well we think they are stunning! Amy’s 2024 calendar, costs £25 including postage and packaging, you can order your own here.