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Listen to Talkback on Bucks Radio. Find out who we are, how we help and what services we offer to people with a learning disability and autism.

Talkback CEO, Jay Hay speaks to Ben about the origins of Talkback on Bucks Radio. We explain how we support people with Autism and Learning Disabilities across Bucks, Milton Keynes and Berkshire. Jay speaks about issues, solutions and our approach of working.

So, listen in below to get to know us:

Part 1


“To help people breakdown the barriers and to help those people be seen just as people, nothing different”.

While we help those with Autism and Learning Disabilities, they are very different issues. Each person is assisted based on their individual needs.

Part 2


Jay talks about the pressures of COVID and draws upon some comparisons between the lockdowns and how people with a learning disability and autism feel on a daily basis.

“We’ve all gone into isolation, which often for people with learning disabilities is how the whole world is all the time. So perhaps we’ve experienced the world that they sometimes experience and perhaps we now have more understanding of how the world looks through their eyes”.

We are changing the way people think about learning disability and autism. It’s about getting everyone to see us as people, see us for who we are.

“We are all unique, you and I are very different, so is everybody else and that’s the same with learning disability and autism”.

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Once a month, Ben highlights the brilliant work of a different Bucks Charity. With information on what they do, and how you can help them make a difference.

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We are in partnership with Green Dragon Eco Farm for our employability programme. Green Dragon helps people gain skills and work experience. Green Dragon opens again on 12th April.

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